Teamgo Dashboard displays data per location so you can get accurate analytics at each of your offices and terminals.

What is a location?

A location is a fixed address where you will setup your terminals. A single location can have one or many terminals. If you are a large organisation with multiple distributed offices, you will pay a license fee (monthly or annually) for each location you need to setup terminals.

What is a terminal?

A terminal is a tablet device connected to your Teamgo account. This would be an iPad or Android tablet used as a sign-in point or customised for another functional purpose such as staff or courier sign-in/sign-out.

If you have more than one locations. please go to the top left corner to switch location by clicking location name or add new location.

How to change locations?

From the dashboard click on the menu icon below your organisation name in the header of the web page. When the drop down appears, click the location you wish to display.

Everything you interact with is then for that specific location. You can change locations at anytime and you can access your global settings (that apply to all locations) from the Settings menu on the left of the web page if you are an admin (non admins cannot access this).

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