Default contacts are usually your receptionist, security or mail room staff who will receive notifications on visitor or delivery arrivals. You can also include these contacts on notifications sent to employees.

There are three types of Default contacts you can assign to a Terminal

  • Default terminal contact
  • Delivery contact
  • Assistance contact

Assign Default Terminal Contact

To enable a default contact on a terminal simply follow these instructions.

  • Login to your web dashboard
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Locations or Terminals
  • Select the Terminal you wish to assign contacts

On the Terminal Overview page you will see options to add these contacts, you can add one or multiple team members to receive notifications.

Enable Default Contact Notifications

Once you have assigned your default contacts you can enable how notifications work. It's important to decide how and when you want these contacts to receive messages.

  • Login to your web dashboard
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Messaging
  • Enable the notification options you want and click Save

These team members will now be notified based on the actions you have saved in the messaging settings.

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