Teamgo is the most customisable visitor management system available. With Teamgo's Terminal Designer you can achieve

  • Multiple sign-in types on one iPad kiosk
  • Custom sign-in flows for each sign-in type required
  • Achieve full compliance with just one sign-in terminal

Setup / Modify Sign-In Flow

  1. Login to the web dashboard
  2. Navigate to Settings > Locations or Settings > Terminals
  3. Select existing terminal or create a new one
  4. Select Terminal Designer

With the Terminal Designer you can begin creating your customer sign-in types and flows. Each flow can have elements that capture your required date.

  1. Create a New Button element or select an existing one
  2. Click the button to activate it (you will see an box appear around it)
  3. Click Next Screen in the header
  4. Give your new sign-in flow a name (or edit it)
  5. Create your sign-in steps

Watch video now: How to create multiple visitor sign in types and sign in flows for your Teamgo iPad kiosk.

Image: Create a new sign-in type

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