Your pre-registration settings will determine how you collect and process data from your guests before they arrive.

Pre-registration is similar to purchasing an airline ticket online. You send your visitor an invitation to accept a meeting. They can then follow link in their invitation email to pre-register themselves online and receive a QR code (like a boarding pass). This QR code is then scanned on arrive.

What can guests do when they pre-register?

  • Accept a calendar invitation from you
  • Provide their details online by registering via a secure link
  • Agree to an induction message or contract online
  • Register themselves as a guest yet to arrive

Pre-Registration Settings

Enable Induction Screen

This will show/hide the induction screen step in the guests pre-registration

Email copy of Induction

Once the pre-registration is complete we can send a copy of the induction to the guest so they have a copy on file

Capture photo

Will determine if on arrival the QR code scanned on iPad will also require them to have a photo taken before being signed in.

Manage sign in Fields

You can display a set of required questions at the time of sign in.

Please Note: Changes to the Pre-Registration settings do not apply directly to the iPad terminals. If you wish change the functions of the iPad terminal use the Terminal Designer tool to customise your guests sign in experience and the data you capture.

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