All printers we support provide either LAN, WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity.

Brother printers we support are Direct Thermal meaning there is no ink and no need to replace any components. Labels will be required and we support DK-11202 labels, other labels are not supported.

Zoni Supported Printers

Current Model

  1. Brother QL-810W (Brother Website Link)
  2. Brother QL-820NWB (Brother Website Link) - Recommended!

Retired Model (still supported)

  1. Brother QL-710W, wireless only (Brother Website Link)
  2. Brother QL-720NW, wireless only (Brother Website Link)

We do not offer you direct support or printer configuration/setup and unboxing guides as these are subject to continual change by the manufacturer. Please visitor the Brother support website in your local territory for detailed setup guides.

Zoni does offer guides on connecting your printer to the Zoni software applications, please refer to our printer guides for this option.

Attendee Badge Printings

Visitor badges are printed at the time an Attendee signs into a Zoni iPad terminal. Attendee badges can also be reprinted from the web dashboard if a visitor damages, looses or requires a reprint of a badge. 

Printer Labels

We recommend use of the official DK-11202 labels. You can also use aftermarket labels that are compatible with the Brother printers. Teamgo sells one type of badge in our Teamgo Online Store (Australian only). 

If you prefer to purchase from your own retailer, we recommend selecting the Brother DK-11202 or DK-1202 model badges.

  • Brother DK-11202 Compatible White Label Roll 62mm x 100mm - 300 labels per roll either manufactured by DK Rolls or aftermarket.

Note: Zoni does not support the Brother DK-2201  DK-2251 badges that come with the Brother QL-820NWB printer. Please dispose of those badges and purchase any of the supported badges listed above.

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