Your visitors need to be pre-registered prior to printing a badge. Once a visitor is pre-registered with Teamgo you can pre-print a badge if required before they arrive at your location.

  1. Complete the pre-registration of your visitor(s) using the New Invite function from the web dashboard.
  2. View the dashboard activity list (Dashboard home screen)
  3. Toggle the view options and ensure "Pre-Registrations" are ticked
  4. Locate the visitor (Expecting will be marked next to their Status)
  5. Tick the function box next to the visitors Status
  6. Click Print Badge button that appears
  7. When the option appears, choose the terminal you wish to print the badge too

Note: you will need to setup a terminal and connect the supported badge printer. Teamgo sends the print badge request to a Teamgo terminal.

Animation: enable and print badge for pre-registered guest.

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