This guide is an introduction to teams and how they work, including:

  • Overview of New Team Members 
  • Restricting Access 
  • Assigning Roles 
  • Notification Settings
  • Set Security PIN  

Overview of New Team Members 

With Teamgo, you can segment your employees and users into different Teams. The Teams include:

  • Administrator 
  • Contractor 
  • Employee
  • Receptionist 
  • Security Personnel 
  • Visitor 

To add a new Team Member:

  1. Click "Users" on your home screen 
  2. Click "Teams"
  3. Click "+New Users" 
  4. Fill in the fields in the "Details" tab

Restricting Access


  1. In "+ New Users", go to the "Access" tab 
  2. Switch "Disable check-in" on and off, to grant or deny your Team Member access to that specific location 
  3. To move your Team Members to the "Restricted Areas" box, click the name of the locations and kiosk you want to restrict their access to
  4. To move that location and kiosk back to the "Can Sign-in" box, click on it again 


  1. In "+New Users", go the the "Locations" tab 
  2. In the "Locations" tab assign your Team Member to a specific or multiple locations where they will appear as hosts during the visitor sign-in process

Assigning Roles

  1. In "+New Users", go to the "Role" tab
  2. Tick one or multiple boxes to assign a roles to your Team Member

Notification Settings 

  1. In "+New Users", go to the "Notifications" tab
  2. Type the email address you want notifications to get sent to 
  3. If you wish, type the email address you would like a copy of your notifications to get sent to 

Set Security PIN

  1. In "+New Users", go to the "Security" tab 
  2. Type a 4-number security pin which your Team Member can use to sign in in case they do not want to use their QR code or FaceID
  3. Click "Save" 
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