Note: you will need permission to access this feature or be the account admin.

There are a few ways to quickly add a new users to your Teamgo dashboard. Here is some terminology that will help you better understand this:

  • Group - a group (also known as a Team or Team Members) setup who have different permissions to use Teamgo

  • User - someone who uses Teamgo, a visitor, employee etc

  • Host - this is a user who is assigned to a kiosk visitor directory

There are four different ways to add a new users. Each option is described below step by step:

  • Add a new user

  • Invite a new user

  • Import users by CSV file

  • API/Integrations (discussed in-depth in the Teamgo API help guide)

Add New User

Under USERS > All Team Members, you will see a "+ New User" button on the page. Select it and complete the form that is presented.

Under Teams > + New User you will be able to complete the member's profile with their personal details, which Kiosks they can sign-in on, which Kiosks will show them as a Host, assign their role, add the email address where they will receive notifications and set their security PIN etc.

This option will allow you to set the new Team Member up, but will not notify them or give them access to the web dashboard.

Invite a new User

Under USERS > All Team Members you can also Invite a new Team Member to join your account. This is done by sending them a unique, secure web link that will ask them to complete and manage their own profile. This option also allows them to create a password so they can login to the Teamgo dashboard.

Select Teams. Then, got to Invite and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Select the Team group type and permissions that will apply to that Team Member

  • Copy the URL to your clipboard

  • Send the URL to your Team Member via your own email application with your own custom introduction and instructions.

  • Otherwise, if your Team Member's email address already exists in Teamgo, send them email invitation straight form your dashboard. 

Import Users

If you multiple Team Members to add to your account, you can use the bulk Import function to do this quickly. Teamgo supports the importing of CSV files and provides a template you can use for this purpose.

Select USERS > All Team Members. Then, go to Import and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Download your bulk import template by clicking Download CSV Template

  • When filling out the template, make sure that each line matches the correct field

  • Once you're done filling it out, click Select file from your computer to upload it or simply drag and drop

  • Click Import Now to conclude

API and Integrations

For Teamgo customers with Premium or Enterprise account plans we offer a powerful API and many integrations to assist with automating your users with the Teamgo dashboard.

For more information on these options see Teamgo API or search the integration you would like to know about here.

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