Note: this guide shows you how to manually manage and assign users to groups. You can also achieve group assignments by importing via CSV, using the API or a directory integration like Active Directory.

Teamgo gives you the option to assign your users to Groups that offer or restrict access to dashboard and app features. 

  • What are Team Groups

  • Create new Team Groups

  • Manage Groups and permissions

  • Assign a Users to a Group

  • View Users by Group

What are Team Groups? 

Team Groups allow you to segment your Teamgo users based on what kind of responsibilities, permissions and access to which features you would like to grant them.

Standard Groups include Administrator, Contractor, Employee, Receptionist and Visitor. You can also create your own Groups for any purpose, allowing you to configure a truly custom visitor system for your type of organisation.

  • For schools you might want to add teachers, students and admin

  • For care homes you might want to add residents, carers and family 

Create new Groups 

  1. Go to SETTINGS > Groups

  2. Click Create New Group

  3. Name your Group 

  4. Tick and untick the boxes to grant or restrict permissions 

  5. Click Add

Manage Groups and change permissions

  1. Go to your SETTINGS > Groups

  2. Click the pencil edit icon next to the Group's name

  3. Tick or untick the boxes to grant or restrict permissions 

  4. Click Save Changes

Assign a User to a Group 

  1. Go to USERS > All Team Members

  2. Search and click on the User's name 

  3. Go to the Role setting

  4. Tick one or multiple Groups

  5. Click Save

You can also assign users to groups when you import and sync using one of our contact directory integrations or the Teamgo API.

View User's by Group

You can view your Team Members by group for easier management and reporting. 

  1. Click Users > All Team Members

  2. Click on the Group to show users assigned to that group

  3. Select the users you wish to view/edit/update etc.

For more assistance with user groups or automation with import and integrations contact us at [email protected] anytime so we can help.

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