When a delivery arrives at your office Teamgo can instantly notify you employees. Notifications can be sent by email, SMS and/or Push notifications to Teamgo Pass app.

Teamgo offers the following delivery functions for deliveries:

  • No signature required

  • Signature required

  • Authority to leave package

Assign Default Delivery

To set a default delivery contact on a kiosk simply follow these instructions:

  1. Login to your web dashboard

  2. Click on the Kiosk you would like to make changes to 

  3. On the sidebar, click on Default Notifications 

  4. Enter one of multiple contact names to the field Delivery Contacts

  5. Click Save 

  6. Click the upload icon to Push to Kiosk

Enable Default Contact Notifications

Once you have assigned your default contacts you can choose when and how notifications will be sent to the Default Contacts.

  1. Login to your web dashboard

  2. Go to SETTINGS

  3. Click on Notifications

  4. Tick to untick the boxes with the configuration you prefer

  5. Click Save

Enable Kiosk Deliveries

To enable delivery options on your iPad Kiosk, you must enable the delivery function by building it into your Sign In Flow using the Kiosk Designer feature:face

  1. Login to the web dashboard

  2. Click on the Kiosk you would like to enable Deliveries on 

  3. On Home Screen, click + Add Element

  4. Click Delivery

  5. Use the toolbar at the top to edit the design of the button

  6. Click Manage Sign In Type at the top right of the page 

  7. Click the pencil icon next to the Delivery element on the list 

  8. On the toolbar at the top, click the drop down menu Options 

  9. Tick or untick the options that best apply to your Kiosk

  10. Click Add Hosts to define which Team Members will appear as hosts when there is a delivery

  11. Click Save 

  12. Click the upload icon to Push to Kiosk

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