With just a little tech savviness you can new location up and running in a matter of minutes. 

This guide will give you the basics on how to get started. In it you will learn how to:

  • General location setup

  • How to add users

  • Log into your kiosk and configure it

Creating a New Location

On your Teamgo Dashboard, click the +Add Location button.

Now you need to enter the following details of your location:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Main Location Contact

  • Compliance Officer

  • Timezone

  • Automatic Sign-Out

  • Emergency Evacuation Instructions

Once you’ve completed filling in your new location’s details you’ll need to confirm

your purchase.

Add Hosts

First things first, a new location needs new users.

In the Hosts tab you have several options of how to add new users. 

You can add someone manually, invite Hosts by email or batch import them with a .csv file.

Manually Adding a New Host

Click on the + button shown in the image above.

Then enter your Host’s Details.

Next you’ll need to set their Access. They’ll automatically have access to sign-in at all Kiosks, you need to opt them out to restrict their access.

In the Locations tab you can set which kiosks the host will be avaliable at. Again they’ll automatically be set to avaliable at all kiosks, you will need to opt them out to restrict this.

You can set the host’s Role to one or multiple of the options including: Administrator, Contractor, Employee, Receptionist, Security Personnel or Visitor.

There are multiple options for what sort of Notifications the host can be sent. You can select SMS, Email or Slack notifications depending on your plan. You can also forward the hosts notifications to another Host if required.

You can set the hosts PIN to sign-in in the Security tab.

See the next page for a screenshot of this section.

Inviting Hosts by Email

Firstly select the group you want your invited users to be assigned to.

Then you can either generate a link to send the users with your own means, or if their email address already exists with Teamgo you can enter their email address to invite them.

Importing New Hosts

In order to batch Import New Users, you can either fill in the text box with the correct format shown, or download the CSV template, fill it in and then upload the file to this page. 

Logging in to the Kiosk

Once you’ve downloaded the Teamgo Kiosk app from the appstore, you need to configure your kiosk.

Log in to the iPad with the same details as the dashboard. Then you can select which of your Kiosks you want to load to this iPad.

Kiosk Settings

This is where you can connect your printer over bluetooth or wifi, set the paper size, and enable auto sleep mode. 

For more indepth help articles check out https://help.teamgo.co/ for relevant guides.

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