Display Kiosk Print Guidelines

The Teamgo Display Kiosk is able to display full colour front and rear panels. This is perfect for branding the kiosk and showing any important messaging. The front and rear panels will come with Teamgo messaging but if you require your own you can choose this option.

When you purchase the Teamgo Display Kiosk online you have the option to request custom printing options. You can also request this at a later date and install the panels yourself.

  • Download the artwork PDF guideline

  • Email your artwork to your Teamgo account manager

Artwork Overview

  1. Printing
    We engage the services of third party digital printing house for all branding options.

  2. Material
    Panel artwork is digitally printed onto self adhesive vinyl which is then adhered to a 0.5mm PVC Sheet.. The dress face of the artwork is also protected by a lightly textured clear laminate.

  3. Artwork Errors and Corrections
    We recommend that you thoroughly check your artwork before submitting it for printing using the attached checklist as a guide. Once artwork is received it will be printed as supplied with no further checks or adjustments. If errors are detected after your artwork has been released to the printer, a re-print fee will apply.

  4. Proofs
    While print proofs are not supplied as part of our standard Display Kiosk build process, we can supply an A3 proof sheet of your selected artwork elements on request for an additional fee. Please note that the production of the proof sheet can also add 5-7 days to the production lead-time of your product build.

  5. Archiving of Artwork
    Generally, your artwork is deleted from our server after project completion and you will be requested to resupply it for future duplicate orders. Exceptions apply (on request) for customers ordering the same graphics on a regular basis.

  6. Accepted File Size No larger than 50MB

  7. Accepted File Formats Logos - EPS

Artwork Setup

Set Your Overall Artwork Size (Supply Size)
Your Kiosk Graphic Panels will be supplied as a set or individually depending on your selected product model or re-print requirements. For example, the Display Kiosk set consists of 3 Panels - the Front Upper, Front Lower and the Back.

The artwork you will supply for each panel needs to be saved as

1) Separate PDF files [ie one PDF per panel]
2) to an exact overall size (summarised below)

Exact overall size (inc bleed) of each panel you will supply to Teamgo:

1) Front Upper Panel w278 x h385mm

2) Front Lower Panel (inc Standard or Scan Options) w278 x h1005mm

2a) Front Lower Panel for Printer w278 x h694mm

3) Back Panel w278 x h1502mm

4) Front Lower Panel (Selfie Station) w278 x h1380mm

5) Sign Panel w310 x h310mm

Any artwork that does not match these exact dimensions cannot be accepted.

Set your Bleed Zones
Please allow a 5mm bleed (or overprint) zone inset from all four edges of the

quoted panel sizes above. The bleed zone ensures your designs will run edge to edge with no white borders and will be trimmed off during panel production. If you choose to set up your bleed during the PDF print / export process (see Creating a Press Quality PDF) set your document size to the finished (trimmed) size of panels and set bleed to 5mm on each edge.

Your supplied artwork will be trimmed to the following sizes:

1) Front Upper Panel w268 x h375mm

2) Front Lower Panel (inc Standard or Scan Options) w268 x h995mm

2a)Front Lower Panel for Printer w278 x h684mm

3) Back Panel w268 x h1492mm

4) Front Lower Panel (Selfie Station) w268 x h1370mm

5) Sign Panel 3 Set your Safe Zones w300 x h300mm

Set your Safe Zones

Depending on your order specification and tablet enclosure size and orientation, you might find that parts of your graphic panels are covered or difficult to see clearly when the product is assembled and/or is in use. For example, the Display Kiosk panels are held in position by the pillar side rails which cover an additional 5mm on each side of the artwork panels. Any design elements placed within this space will not be visible once assembled. We recommend that you use the Safe Zones outlined in this document as guidelines when placing important graphic elements in your designs to ensure maximum visibility.

No Trim Marks

Please do not include crop marks in your files. They will be added as part of the print setup process which is why it is important to save your files to the exact overall dimensions requested.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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