There are several options for contactless check-in with the Teamgo system. This is common for reducing the amount of device contact or offering a faster and more self-guided option for arrivals.

Visitor Kiosks

This section will discuss making a physical iPad kiosk a contactless kiosk.

Kiosks are traditionally an iPad that has functions of check-in a visitor. They interact with a physical device and go through a step by step check-in process. There are several ways to do this via contactless methods.

  • Pre-register a guest and send them a QR code to scan on the Kiosk when they arrive.

  • Send the visitor a web link to complete on their own device

  • Display a QR code the visitor scans with their device to complete a web form check-in process

If you wish to use a contactless kiosk, its a good idea to create a new kiosk just for this purpose. You do not need to display it on an iPad, you just need to create the flow and then generate the contactless link or download the QR code.

The Kiosk QR code can be scanned by visitors on arrival, they do this on their own smart device with a QR code scanner. This then takes them to a secure web page where they can fill in their details and check in.

  • Load the kiosk designer by opening a kiosk

  • Click "modify" on the left menu

  • Tick the box to Enable Contactless Kiosk

  • Press SAVE

Your Kiosk can now be access by the web link and when visitors scan the QR code. They can then complete the check in flow on their own smart devices using the web browser.

Scan QR Codes

This section will discuss QR codes for kiosks and users

There are several ways a QR code can be used to check-in your users. A QR code can be assigned to a person (they scan that on a device) or be assigned to a kiosk (the user scans that with their own QR code reader).

The most effective efficient way to quickly check-in users, either visitors or staff is issue them a QR code they can scan on an iPad kiosk. This will require them to physically present at the location and scan their QR code on the iPad camera (if enabled to do so). For more information about QR codes for users search the help desk or contact our support team.

QR codes for kiosks allows you to make the check-in experience contactless. Here is best practice to set that up.

  • Create a new kiosk, just for contactless check-in

  • Enable the contactless kiosk option as shown above

  • Download the QR code for the kiosk

  • Print the QR code our and place it at your entry/exit points

  • Instruct your visitors to scan the QR code

You will need to setup the kiosk with the relevant flow to ensure you collect the right data from your users (visitors, staff, contractors etc).

** Note - this is not designed to replicate the iPad kiosk sign-in experience, ensure you keep your flows simple and easy to understand **

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