Using Teamgo in your own way can bring specific compliance goals to your organisation. In this example we look at Members.

If you have a membership base that attends locations, you may want to check their time and attendance for many reasons.

  • Time on site

  • Safety

  • Health screening

  • Exclusivity, rewards etc

While Teamgo is not a member management system, you can add users to your own customer groups, then assign QR codes and print badges. Your members can use these or any of their other information like Mobile number or email to check in and out (or even pin code or face recognition as a premium option).

To set this up, you simply need to use the Kiosk Designer tool to build your kiosks and flows. Either iPad devices or simple printer QR code scan.

Here is an idea on setting up a member.

  • Go to Settings > Groups

  • Create a new Group called "Members" and untick all permission options

  • Press SAVE

You now have created a new group of user types.

  • Go to Users > All Team Members > Members

  • Click + New User

  • Complete each relevant field as it makes sense to do so for your member type

  • Under Role ensure only "Members" is ticked

  • Under Access, ensure you take note of each option available

  • Under Locations, choose where members can check in

  • Under notifications, enable what is relevant to you

  • Press SAVE

You can give your members access to check in with different options, the QR code option is popular either on a printed badge (see badge printing) or with a QR code image on a phone.

Mobile number check in is also popular as it requires nothing to be sent or issued to the member.

See the user profile page (edit) to enable all the check in options. Depending on you plan settings, you should use the QR code or Mobile for membership check in.

FAQ on Members

Can I convert a visitor to a member?

There is no direct function to do this, but you can just take the visitor information then create a new user from it (you only need a name to create a user but member options work better with email and mobile added to each account).

Can I add a member number?

At this time no, the fields are fixed for users and you cannot add additional date fields. Each user you will note will have a Teamgo UserID. You could use this number to match to another system, the user id is exported in all reports.

Can I bulk create members?

Yes, see guides on importing users and using CSV import, its very easy. You can also export your visitor data then modify this and re-import as a User type instead.

How can members sign in and out?

Just as with all other visitor types so have a read through the guides to find out. The most popular methods are entering a mobile number and scanning a QR code. For Members the mobile option is best, you just let the member know to use the iPad on arrival to sign in with mobile or they can scan a QR code if preferred (you can send them this to their email address).

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