This Module is available for all Teamgo Plans. Check with your account administrator if you are unsure.

Employees have the option to check-in using their own device and web browser. This is a quick and easy way for an employee to check-in contactless or remotely without the need to use iPad kiosks or QR codes.

Check-in using your mobile or desktop web browser

1. Required Setup

To enable check-in remotely using a web browser, the user group need permission "Can check-in using contactless and from remote".

To manage permissions, login as an Administrator

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click on Groups

  3. Select a group to modify

  4. Tick the permission "Can check-in using contactless and from remote"

  5. Click Save Changes.

2. How to check-in

After the permissions setup is completed, employees can login to the Teamgo web dashboard at with any web browser (mobile or desktop).

  • Depending on the Group's other permissions, the user should be presented with the QR code screen as shown below.

  • The user can then scan the QR code on an iPad kiosk

If the above screen doesn't appear:

  1. Click on user avatar

  2. Click on Check-in

3. Check-out from web dashboard

If the user has checked-in using one of the above methods they will also see an option to check-out using the web browser method OR scanning the QR code again on the kiosk they check-in at.

  • Note: Can check-in using contactless and from remote, check group permission to ensure they are enabled.

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