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Education Module Overview
Education Module Overview

How to use the education feature in Teamgo

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This is a Premium Feature and needs to be enabled on your account.

Contact our sales department today to discover how this feature can support your education organisation.

Education Module Overview

The Education module is best suited to early learning to higher education schools and organisations that want to give guardians visibility and notifications when another user (student) signs in and signs out.

The module is designed to enable a relationship between two user accounts.

  • See when a Student has signed in

  • See when a Student has signed out

  • Receive notifications of Student actions

When the module is enabled two new user groups will be created "Parents" and "Children". You can rename these and set permissions as required based on how you need to use the feature (for example, rename Parents to Guardians or Supervisors)

  • You will see two new user groups created, one called "Parents" and another called "Students"

  • If these do not show, you can then create the Parents user accounts and Students user accounts manually

Creating Relationships

On the Student user account, select Parent/Guardian option.

You will then be able to assign the Parent(s) and user account.

Working With Children Checks (WWC)

The Education module will also enable the Working with Children background check feature. This is available as a seperate module but is also combined with your Education Module.

Note: this feature only applies to Australian customers in locations TAS/VIC/NSW at this time.

Follow this guide to manage the WWC feature

For further assistance with this feature contact our support team.

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