In this guide we will describe how to record a temperature reading for a visitor using the Teamgo iPad Kiosk.

You will require the following

  • A temperature scanning device (medically approved)

  • Teamgo iPad Kiosk

  • Teamgo iPad Kiosk with a form field for entering the temperature

Adding Temperature Sign-in Fields

To record a temperature, simply add an additional field to your sign in form on the visitor kiosk. This is done in the same way you add other fields for visitors to provide their details.

  1. Login as a Teamgo Admin to the web dashboard

  2. Select the kiosk you wish to record temperatures with

  3. Edit the sign in form and add a new field

  4. Change the field to a NUMBER value

  5. Add a "trigger" to decide what happens when the number entered is too high

If the number value you enter is too high you can choose to

  • Halt the sign in process

  • Notify a default contact

  • Display an alert message on the iPad screen

Add a new field

Enter a max and min value (optional)

Add a trigger and decide what happens next

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