Teamgo lets you check the status of vaccinations for your employees and visitors. Any user of Teamgo can submit their vaccination certificates when requested and you can track their vaccination progress.

Vaccination Check is a feature that requires the Document Module. Contact your account manager to trial this feature or enable it as part of your subscription.

Requires Teamgo Visitor Kiosk version 4.8 and later.

In this article:

  • Set up vaccination requirement documents

  • Setup vaccination document check on arrival

  • Viewing reports

Setting up vaccination requirement documents

Create the required vaccination document type

  1. In the web dashboard, go to Documents > Document Types

  2. Click on Create New

  3. Under the Category, select Vaccination

4. Select which user types or groups are required to submit the document when they sign-in. Multiple users and groups can be selected.

Users are only required to submit the document once until it expires (if applicable).

5. Most vaccination documents does not have expiry date.

To disable the expiry date field from showing when requesting document

  • Select the "Expiry Date" form field to show the field options

  • Then untick "required" in the form field options

6. Click Save and Complete to save the settings.

Setup vaccination document checking on arrival

In the web dashboard, click Kiosk > Select a Kiosk you want to conduct vaccine document checking.

  1. Click on Sign-in Types from the left menu

  2. Go to the sign-in type you want to add compliance checking and click on the Add Screen option at the bottom of the sign-in type flow

  3. Select Document Compliance from the options that appear. You can also arrange the screens by dragging and dropping the sign-in type option

  4. Click Save

Important Note

If you have the Express Sign-in screen in your sign-in flow, please ensure you disable Local Compliance Check and Ask for document if check failed.

Viewing Reports

There are several locations you can view reports. User vaccination status can be displayed in the Mange Visitors screen, Users and Visitors screen.

To show this date in reports you may need to filter your on-screen data. Activate this by clicking on the Customize Dashboard icon and enable Vaccination column

In Manage Visitors page

In Manage Users and Visitors page

Viewing users profile

For support with this feature contact our team at [email protected] to discuss Vaccination tracking and checking for visitors and employees.

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