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Create Document Categories

Stay organised with document submissions using categories

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The Documents module is a premium feature that requires the Teamgo Premium plans or added to your existing plan. Contact us for more information.

Introduction to Document Categories

To keep things organised, especially when you require a lot of documents submitted from your visitors, suppliers and employees. You can create Document Categories easily so you can organise your document types and submissions automatically.

Adding New Document Categories

  1. Click on your Workspace tab

  2. Click on Documents to expand document options

  3. Click Categories to manage your document categories

From here you can Add, Edit and remove categories.

Document Category Options

Complete the form that is presented on screen and click SAVE. When you create a new document type, you will now be able to choose the category it belongs to.

  • Category Name - give the category a relevant name

  • Resend Document - if the document is set to expire, you can choose a day it will remind the customer it has to be submitted by default

  • Submission Deadline - if there is a deadline the document needs to be submitted, you can select a default timeframe

  • Message - this is a message that will be included in the email sent to a user when you request a document from them, you can use the default one or add your own message and instructions

For additional help with Documents get in touch with our support team or read through our other Document Module help articles to understand how it all works together with files, request and approvals etc.

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