ID Card Settings

The ID Card is for your users such as employees

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Teamgo ID Cards are similar to your visitor badges but they are specific to users of Teamgo such as your employees.

You can use Teamgo to design and print our employee identification cards to the visitor badge printer (black and white) or to any network or computer connected label printer allowing you to create full colour card badges.

And ID Card is useful as you can place employee identification details on them, QR codes for scanning on iPad kiosks and much more.

ID Cards can be printed for any person added to your User list such as

  • Employees

  • Temp staff

  • Contractors

  • Security

  • Long term visitors

There are unlimited options, it's a feature freely available for you to use in a way that meets your workplace's needs.

ID Card Settings

  1. Click on Workspace

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Click on ID Card Template

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