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Teamgo can connect to various 3rd party products and has an API

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Teamgo has a number of integration options to 3rd party products that can extend the use of Teamgo visitor management into a number of other systems and enhance your functionality.

We also have a powerful API and WebHooks available for your to integrate your own products and user directories.

  • Teamgo API

  • WebHooks

  • Third party software

Teamgo Integrations are typically available on our Premium Plan only or enabled on a as needed basis as part of your existing plan. Contact us if you have any need or interest in the integration options we have available (there are many to choose from!)

Integration Setting Options

  1. Click on Workspace

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Click on Integrations

Each integration has configuration options to allow you to connect your other software systems to ours. In most cases you will need an account with these systems and be an authorised administrator of both Teamgo and the system you wish to connect to as authentication may be required.

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