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How to use the kiosk builder to set your iPad Kiosk functionality

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The iPad Kiosk builder is a powerful tool to setup and configure your iPads Teamgo kiosk app. Each iPad kiosk can be configured to meet your sign-in needs for visitors and employees.

There are two versions of the kiosk builder

  • QR code sign-in points - a simple web dashboard feature for you to setup your QR code kiosks with easy sign-in functionality. QR code kiosks are digital or printed and your visitors scan these with their mobile smart devices and sign in using a web browser.

  • iPad Kiosk sign in points - a fully featured web dashboard for you to setup your iPad kiosks design, layout and functionality.

How to Launch the Kiosk Builder

The Kiosk builder can be accessed from the web dashboard. It is used to create new kiosks and also edit exiting ones.

  1. Click on Workspace

  2. Select a Location

  3. Select Sign-in Point

  4. Select the Edit icon option for the kiosk you want to build

Teamgo Kiosk Builder

The iPad kiosk builder offers an intuitive and easy way to build simple or complex sign-in options for your visitors

  • Home Screen - a visual overview of your iPad kiosk, you can click on various elements of the home screen to arrange buttons, text etc. Click on an element to see additional options on screen

  • Styling - change the style of font, colour and backgrounds of the common elements like headers, progress buttons, titles etc.

  • Workflows - a visual tree of the different elements of your iPad kiosk and the workflow assigned to each one. This is a quick way to navigate the options on your iPad Kiosk and editing each of them.

  • Notifications - set your kiosks notification options. These are specific to the functions that take place on the kiosk itself, your kiosks can each have different notification contacts.

  • Hosts - add the people in your workplace that you wish to make available for contact through the iPad kiosk. Each iPad kiosk can have specific people added to the visitor directory.

  • Visitor Badge - create the layout and contact for visitor badges printed from your iPad kiosk. Each kiosk can have different badge layouts if required.

  • Clone - make a quick copy of an existing iPad Kiosk.

  • Delete - remove the kiosk from your dashboard. Once deleted it will be removed but any sign-in data collected through it will stay in your records.

  • Modify - make changes to your iPad kiosks name, assigned location

Once you have made any changes to your iPad Kiosk ensure you SAVE your changes. If your iPad kiosk is active and you wish to apply changes, use the PUSH function to remotely update your kiosk.

If the changes do not apply remotely, you may need to manually refresh/reload your iPad kiosk.

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