This article will describe how QR codes can be used with Teamgo and the benefits you will get using this feature.

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone. In the case of Teamgo, a QR code includes information on a person to identify them in the system, specifically their Teamgo ID so we can authenticate the person and collect.

Who can use a QR code?

There are several types of users who can use the QR code feature. You may find different ways to use QR codes as you explore the Teamgo system.

There are two main types of users of Teamgo. Visitors and Teams (people external and internal to your organisation).

  • Visitors (contacts, guests) can use the front camera on the iPad to scan a QR code on arrival. This will speed up sign in time and also remember the visitor so they do not have to go through the full sign in process. Visitor QR codes can be printed to visitor badges when the visitor signs in, printed from the dashboard (badge reprint) or issued to the visitor as part of visitor pre-registration.
  • Teams (staff, teams, users, contractors) can have QR codes printed to badges from the dashboard. Staff can scan their QR code on the front iPad camera to sign in/out for various reasons, the main one is typically tracking staff time and attendance on site. Badges can be printed to the connected Brother label printer or you can print from the dashboard to your browser print option, meaning you can print a Staff badge to any connected office printer. Teamgo customers would typically print a Staff badge to a plastic card printer.

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How to print staff QR code

For a QR code image in PNG format that can be printed or digitally scanned. Please login to your dashboard and go to Teams tab on the main menu.

For a QR code printed to the connected Brother label printer (check your Settings > Name Badge includes this important element).

For a QR code printed to a connected network printer (such as a plastic card printer) but you need to ensure your Settings > Name Badge includes the QR code element.

Teamgo Pass for QR code on your Smartphone

For a QR code on smartphone (iPhone, Android Phone).
Please check Teamgo Pass in iTunes and Google Play. Teamgo Pass will let any user of the Teamgo system who has been added to an account by their administrator to login and generate a QR code on a smartphone app.

  • Scan QR code
  • Receive system notifications
  • View visitor arrivals
  • Sign-out visitors
  • Manage notification options and settings
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