Note: Active Directory integration feature is only available on our Premium and Enterprise plans. 

What is Active Directory integration

By using this integration, you will easily synchronise your employees into Teamgo. When Active Directory integration is installed, Teamgo will

  • Sync user information:  first_name, last_name, email, mobile,
  • Override all customers’ information if email exists,
  • New synced user must forget password to login,
  • Synced users have role of  ‘User’ and  notify_sms  option is not enabled by default.

System Requirements

Windows machine, Powershell version 3.0 or greater installed on your windows PC.

Install Active Directory

  • Go to Settings > Integrations

  • Under employee directory group, find Active Directory. Click “Install”
  • After installing successfully, you will be redirect to Active Directory integration instruction page.

Run Your Sync

  • Copy the CRON script  and save it as go-ad-sync.ps1 on your Windows machine.
  • Configure the correct Organizational Units (OU’s) and optionally customizing where the sync will save it’s temporary files.
  • Run the script via Windows Powershell to verify that the script is correctly syncing users with Teamgo. You should go to Status tab to see detail about your last sync run.
  • You can run the script as Windows task by using Task Scheduler.

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