Teamgo offers plans for all types of business solutions. Our current live pricing can be viewed on the Teamgo website.

How Pricing Works

Teamgo offers several plans that offer features for different needs.

  • Business
  • Premium (most popular)
  • Enterprise

Choosing a plan will put you on the correct pricing schedule for your Teamgo locations. Each location will require a license, so all you need to do is head over to our pricing page, choose a plan then decide how many locations you need to use Teamgo at.


What is a location? Location is defined by a physical address, so if you have the one office location, that needs just license. If you have several or more locations across the city, country or globally they will each need a license to operate Teamgo.


A kiosk is your physical iPad/Tablet sign in station for visitors, employees, contractors, meeting rooms, spaces etc. Each license lets you setup unlimited kiosks at a location, there is no limit.


A user someone who users Teamgo in any capacity and needs to be added to the system to access features and functions of Teamgo, or to receive visitor arrival notifications. All plans come with unlimited users.

Why Subscription Pricing

Historically, companies have been required to buy, build, and maintain their IT infrastructures despite exponential costs. SaaS (software as a service) gives companies an alternative. Now, they can plug in and subscribe to services built on shared infrastructure via the Internet. Benefits include

  • High adoption, easy to enter and setup (nothing to install!)
  • Low initial costs (plans for every budget and scale)
  • Painless upgrades (we do it all for you)
  • Seamless integration (connect easily to other services)

If you would like to know more benefits about Teamgo and our Software as a Service product get in touch with the support team.

For annual payments Teamgo offers 10% discount on services. When you subscribe online annually the discount will be automatically applied. We also offer discounts for multiple locations if this applies to you. These discounts are applied automatically.

  • 10% discount for 6-24 locations
  • 20% for 25+ locations

Education Customer Pricing
For registered education institutions such as schools, universities and colleges we offer a 10% discount on monthly and annual services. Make sure you select this option when subscribing online.

Non Profit Customer Pricing
If you are a registered charity or other organisation that is not for profit, Teamgo offers 10% discount on monthly and annual services. Make sure you select this option when subscribing online.

If you are an Australian customer we can supply hardware from our online store. If you are outside of Australia we cannot supply hardware, our shop link is still a useful guide for deciding what hardware items you should use.

Monthly subscription customers are able to pay for Teamgo using secure card payment online via the Teamgo portal, automating the entire process for you.

Annual subscription customers are able to pay for Teamgo by card or bank transfer.

Enterprise plan customers on a monthly subscription are able to pay for Teamgo services by card or bank transfer.

Questions? Email us at [email protected] 😁

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