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Is the Teamgo app available on Android?
Is the Teamgo app available on Android?

Teamgo kiosk app is not available on Android tablets.

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The Teamgo sign-in point kiosk app is not available on Android devices. The kiosk app is built for iPad devices only.

This includes Google, Samsung Galaxy and variants.

Teamgo is a cloud software service (SaaS) that you access in any web browser on your desktop or tablet computer.

For more information on Teamgo apps for iPad/iPhone please read below.

Teamgo Web Dashboard

Teamgo performs best with a good internet connection and a web browser like Chrome, FireFox or Safari. Use a secure computer with a fast internet connection and Chrome or Safari web browser for the best experience.

Internet Explorer / Edge is fine to use but may have issues if you're IT administrator has configured it to block some services and functions.

Teamgo Kiosk App

The kiosk app is only available on Apple iPad. The free iPad app connects to your web dashboard account and displays your custom configured Teamgo Kiosk for visitors, staff, contractors and more.

Teamgo Kiosk on iPhone

You can install the Teamgo kiosk app on an iPhone, this presents you with a limited set of functions to assist with check-in, including QR code scanner, print badge etc.

Teamgo Pass

Teamgo pass is a complimentary smartphone app available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. It's designed specifically with employees in mind, allowing them to quickly sign in/out with QR code, receive arrival notifications and view history.

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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