Guests and employees who have had their photo captured by Teamgo before can express sign in with face recognition technology.

This is especially useful for return guests, allowing them to quickly bypass forms and notices. However, if you still need to include those steps, just build them into your Teamgo express sign in flow.

You will need to customise your Kiosk to use FaceID. 

How to enable FaceID

  1. Login to your Teamgo dashboard
  2. Click on the Kiosk you would like to add FaceID to
  3. Click + Add Element
  4. Click Generic Button 
  5. Use the toolbar at the top to to alter the button's design 
  6. Click Manage Sign In Type on the top right 
  7. Click Take Photo
  8. Click the pencil icon next to Take Your Photo to edit screen
  9. Click the Options menu on the toolbar
  10. Tick Enable FaceID Visitors and/or Enable FaceID for Teams
  11. Click Save 
  12. Click the upload icon to Push to Kiosk

You have created an express sign in flow using FaceID.

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