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Face Recognition Sign-In - Teamgo FaceID
Face Recognition Sign-In - Teamgo FaceID

The Teamgo FaceID function lets your visitors and employees sign-in on iPad kiosks with a simple photo capture.

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Teamgo FaceID is an Enterprise feature and will need to be enabled on your account if you use this Plan or wish for it to be added to your existing plan.

Why is it useful?

  • Sign-in guests faster

  • No need to touch the kiosk or minimise inteaction

  • Avoid long queues and line congestion

  • More secure sign-in

  • Step into the future of security and safety

How it works?

Guests and employees who have had their photo captured by Teamgo can express sign in with face recognition technology upon their next arrival.

We first need to capture an image with a previous visit to register the person in your account, this is for both external guests, and registered users like employees.

How to enable FaceID?

Your Teamgo subscription will need the FaceID feature enabled. This is a premium feature that can be included in your plan (get in touch with us for this function). You will also need to customise your Kiosk to use FaceID.

Note: FaceID requires a camera element added as part of the sign in flow.

How to enable Kiosk for FaceID

  1. Login to your Teamgo dashboard

  2. Click on your Workplace tab

  3. Click on the location where you wish to enable FaceID

  4. Click on Sign-in Points

  5. Create a new iPad kiosk or click Edit on an existing iPad Kiosk

With the iPad Kiosk designer you can now add the FaceID option to the camera function in your workflow.

  1. Click on Workflows

  2. Add or edit the "Express Checkin" screen to the sign-in flow

  3. Edit the Express Checkin flow step and tick FaceID

This will add the option for the user to sign in with a FaceID scan.

Ensure you SAVE your changes, then refresh the app with the PUSH icon or manually on the iPad App itself.

How to enable User FaceID Sign-in

The next important step is to enrol your users to be able to then use this function. For privacy and security this is not enabled by default, each user who wishes to use this function will need it enabled on their user account.

  1. Click on your Workspace

  2. Click on the Users tab

  3. Select the User

  4. Click the picture profile icon

  5. On the drop menu select Enable FaceID

Do the same to disable FaceID for user.

Once enabled it will take a moment to register their profile picture with the FaceID module.

What happens if FaceID does not recognise the person?

At times this may be for the following reasons.

  • Photo is not already on file

  • Camera has low to poor light level

  • Users face is not presented clear enough to the camera

  • Visitor has significantly changed appearance

  • Network error

If you feel this is an error, please get in touch with your Teamgo support team and report the issue include the date, time and visitors name. [email protected]

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