Emergency Evacuation Overview

Learn all about the evacuation function of Teamgo

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With Teamgo's evacuation function, you can instantly view who is still on site and needs to be evacuated during an emergency situation. That includes: 

  • Visitors

  • Employees

  • Contractors

  • Anyone who has signed in

Signing in/out 

It's important that all people entering and exiting your site signs in on arrival and out on departure so that the evacuation function can work accurately. This will ensure you have an exact record of who is on site if you enable the emergency evacuation.

However, sometimes people might forget to sign out on their departure. Or, you may not have enabled the sign out feature in your Kiosk. This means that at times, people might actually have left but not signed out.


Please check your Kiosk functions, dashboard settings and internal policies before considering the Evacuation function with Teamgo.

What to expect?

  • See who is still on site across ALL locations

  • See who is still on site at a single location

  • Manually sign people out as you locate them

  • See who was on site and who they were there to see

  • See how long they have been on site for

  • Print your sign in list 

  • View the list remotely on a mobile device

  • View visitors and employees and anyone who is signed in

Watch overview video on emergencies and evacuations with Teamgo

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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