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Emergency evacuation templates
Emergency evacuation templates

How to setup templates for different critical events

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Save time with pre-set evacuation templates!

When you activate an emergency message you can choose one of many templates setup by the administrator. This will allow you to customise messages and media for each critical event type that may require you to trigger emergency evacuation messaging.

  • Evacuation drills

  • Fire

  • Hazards

  • Active threats on site

When you activate the emergency notification it will trigger the process based on your chosen settings and configuration.

  • Select the emergency function

  • Choose the location to activate

  • Choose the message template

  • Confirm the template and choose delivery options

  • Activate emergency

Any kiosks associated with the location will be switched to emergency mode until you deactivate function.

Create Evacuation Template

  1. Login to your web dashboard

  2. Click on Workspace

  3. Select a location

  4. Click Evacuation Messages

  5. Select Add Template

Here you can create your default templates. The message section in two parts, Email and SMS. Both of these options have benefits and limitations (character limit, attachments etc).

  • With Email you can include long messages and include an attachment

  • With SMS the message should be shorter and attachments will be shown as a web link people can open

You can upload a document/media that will be attached to emails and linked in SMS notifications. This is typically a PDF with your floor plans, internal contact numbers and external emergency contacts.

Consider creating one of these in the languages your visitors speak.

For more help and support contact the team at [email protected]

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