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It's important you ensure your account details are up to date. There are two parts to managing your important account information.

  • Account details - system level information (described in this guide)

  • User details - your own user account, keep this updated always

Your account details includes things like company name, primary contact number, website, custom web link, logo and so on. When you complete this it will help other functions in the system work well.

  1. Login to your admin dashboard

  2. Click on Workspace

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Click on Account Details

  5. Navigate to Settings > Account Details

Complete all fields on this page where possible. Each field has its own function in the system to deliver a good visitor management experience.

Account Details

Company/Organisation Name

This will be displayed in the dashboard, kiosks and so on.

Web Address

This is the custom URL that the system will send people to pre-register and so on, typically this is your company name or shortened company name.

Contact Email

This is a default email we may contact you on regarding your account

Contact Phone

This is a default phone number we may contact you on regarding your account


This will help Teamgo identify you and setup your account

Email Options

Brand you FROM address when sending emails

SMS Caller ID

Brand where your SMS messages are sent from (does not work with all carriers)

Your logo will be used as default on kiosks and booking pages.

For more assistance please contact [email protected]

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