Note: Using Working With Children Check (WWCC) is a premium upgrade and requires a suitable plan. For a free 30 day trial contact your [email protected] help desk.

Supported Jurisdictions: Victoria

Manual compliance check

Manual check can be performed from a visitor or employee user profile.

  • Go to Teams > Select a person

  • Click on Working With Children tab

  • Enter the WWC Identifier

  • Click on Check Now

Mandatory Validation

If "Required to check-in each time" is ticked, when the user checks in at Teamgo iPad kiosk, they will be validated. If validation failed user will be denied entry as per your settings.

Validate First Time Visitors at Sign-in

If a visitor hasn't visited your organisation previously, validation can be done at entry. Configuration can be done from the Teamgo Dashboard.

  1. Go to your Kiosk

  2. Click on a sign-in flow requiring validation

  3. In your Form screen, add a WWC Identifier field

4. Add Triggers if necessary

How validation works

When a visitor arrives onsite and completes the required WWC Identifier field, Teamgo will use the WWC Identifier and person's details such as Last Name to validate for that jurisdiction.

Please ensure your Location has a valid location address is entered correctly, particularly the State, as this is the data required for Teamgo to determine the jurisdiction.

For further assistance with WWCC please contact the [email protected] help desk.

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