User QR Codes

Learn how to send your User's a QR code they can sign-in with

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This guide will describe how QR codes can be used with Teamgo.

  • What is a QR code

  • Who can use a QR code

  • How to access a user QR code

QR Codes and Teamgo?

In the Teamgo system, QR codes work as unique way to identify users and let them scan to sign-in at the workplace. The QR is a fast and save way to sign-in at the workplace, containing nothing but a user ID.

Who can use a QR code?

Any user with a QR code sent by Teamgo can sign-in on iPad kiosks. This includes by Visitors and your Users (such as employees)

Access User QR Codes

There are a number of ways to access QR codes for your Users so they can benefit from this contactless and quick check in method.

  • Send the QR code to a user by email

  • Download the QR code as an image

  • Print the QR code to a user badge (pass)

  • Login to the Teamgo Pass app

Watch how to bulk email user QR codes

Watch how to send a user their sign in QR code

Watch how to download a QR code


QR code on the Teamgo Pass app

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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