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What smartphones support the Teamgo Pass mobile app?

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Teamgo Pass is an app built for smartphone devices. It is designed to be used as a companion app by employees to complete tasks such as workplace sign-in, receive notifications, check activity history, manage account and perform other administrative functions.

The app can be used by any user of the Teamgo system if they have a user account and have been given permission by the administrator of that account to do so.

Required Hardware

To use Teamgo Pass app, you need a compatible smartphone and updated version of its operating system installed. As a general guide, most devices made in the last several years should work fine.

Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices are generally easier to support due to their consistency in options and releases.

Android devices very greatly and many devices you will find are unsupported, even more recent devices.

iPhone Models

iPhone 8+ Supported

  • Apple iPhone 8 through to iPhone 14 are supported with Teamgo Pass. Ensure you have iOS version 12 or newer installed.

iPod Touch 7+ Supported

  • Apple iPod Touch device 7 and newer are supported. Ensure you have the latest version of operating system installed on this device. The iPod Touch has not been updated since 2019 and is no longer available from Apple.

Versions of iOS Supported

Teamgo no longer supports iOS 11.x and older versions of the Apple iOS (operating system installed on your devices).

Android Models

Android devices vary greatly. Teamgo supports these smartphones and devices commonly manufactured by Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Nokia, Sony, LG, HTC, and Motorola.

If your device does not install, work or perform as expected please contact our support team [email protected] to confirm and let us check for you. Provide your device manufacturer and version of the Android operating system installed.

Versions of Android Supported

Teamgo no longer supports Android version 10.x and older versions of the Android OS (operating system installed on your devices).

Important Information

Why is my smartphone device not listed?

The answer is simple, security and performance. We cannot support devices that are note able to keep up to date with new iOS (operating system) and Android releases, they pose security risks to your organisation if not maintained.

Teamgo does not support devices that have been "Jail Broken" or had their operating systems manipulated.

NOTE Check the manufacturer's websites to see what version device you have.


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