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What is Teamgo Pass and how does it work?

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The Teamgo Pass app is a smartphone app for iPhone and Android devices. It is available to all Teamgo Users free of charge and adds a number of benefits for users of the Teamgo visitor management system.

The app is build for Teamgo users, typically employees who are required to either sign-in/out at the workplace, receive notifications or administer various aspects of the system.

Teamgo Pass is always being updated with new and improved features which are made freely available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • You will need a Teamgo user account to use this app

  • You will need your Email added to your user account to login

With the Teamgo Pass app, users are able to

  • Manage their account details

  • Use the Teamgo Pass QR code to scan to sign in on any Teamgo iPad kiosk

  • Use the build in QR code scanner to scan QR codes

  • Receive visitor, delivery, emergency and other notifications

  • Look up their visitor history

  • Look up notification history

  • Sign-in at their nearest location for "Remote Sign-in"

  • Activate Emergency Evacuation

  • View a list of people who are onsite

The Location look up option is a good solution for users who work from home, have a mobile office, travel a lot or other purpose. It can be used in a variety of ways, Teamgo provides you the tools, you can apply their functionality how you like.

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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