Connect Printer to iPad via WiFi

This article will help you connect your Brother label printer to the Teamgo iPad kiosk for badge printing.

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First we will assume you have connected your Brother label printer to your office wireless network, or you plan on using Bluetooth connection options. Teamgo supports the following Brother Label Printers.

  • Brother QL-720NW wireless printer

  • Brother QL-820NWB wireless and Bluetooth printer

Teamgo recommends you use the Brother QL-820NWB printer.

Ensure you have the correct printing labels, Teamgo only supports the Brother DK-11202 labels (as sold on our website and most IT stationery suppliers).

  • If you want to use other label sizes, please refer to this guide for changing your printer labels with the Teamgo iPad App

Please consult our hardware guides on connecting a Brother printer to your office wireless network. 

Connect Brother Printer via WiFi

(Applies to Brother QL-720NW and QL-820NWB only)

This guide will show you how to connect your Brother printer to a Teamgo kiosk using a wireless network. You will need to have your printer connected to the WiFi network and Teamgo iPad app installed.


Apple iPad devices will require you to allow discovery of the printer on the network, either WIFI or Bluetooth. When the prompt appears, you will need to allow the device to discover connected devices like the printer. Accept this to Allow Always and you can proceed with the connection process outlined below.

Connect Printer

(Ensure you have allowed the device to be discovered by the iPad first as above).

1. Launch the Teamgo App and login with your administrator username and password.

2. For WiFi printers select "WiFi Printer" menu options.

  • If you use a DHCP IP printer, use the WiFi Printer option

  • If you use a STATIC/FIXED IP please add via the IP address method. Press and HOLD the IP ADDRESS field (below the WIFI Printer option) for 5 seconds to activate this and allow you to enter a fixed IP address or remove it.

3. The iPad will start searching for network connected printers, this may take a few moments so please wait.

4. A list of available printers will be displayed, select the WiFi printer you wish to connect to.

5. You will now see the printer selected at the top of the WiFi Printer options and the printers network IP address below this.

6. Run a Print Test, this will send a print test job from the Teamgo dashboard to the iPad and onto the printer if connected successfully.

7. Your printer is now connected and if this option is enabled in your Kiosk Design feature, all sign-in will trigger a badge print. We recommend running a test sign in, choose a kiosk to load and complete a test sign in to print a visitor badge.

Note: to run a test sign in and print a badge you may need to enable badge printing in the Teamgo dashboard. Please refer to help article on how to enable badge printing for your iPad when visitors sign in.

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