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How Teamgo visitor management subscription pricing works

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What is Teamgo?

Teamgo Pty Ltd ("Teamgo") is an Australian registered company that provides software services. One of our services is the Teamgo Visitor Management System or "Teamgo". Teamgo is cloud software.

To access our services you pay a monthly or annual fee to which will included the features available to the plan you are subscribed to and all updates and upgrades to maintain the service.

Your subscription will always be inclusive of

  • Teamgo application updates (Teamgo Kiosk Apps and Teamgo Pass Apps)

  • Teamgo web software (dashboard) updates

  • New features as applicable to your subscribed plan

  • Upgrades and changes to features

  • Online help guides and articles

  • Support applicable to your plan type

Teamgo offers service plans for all types of industries and organisations and we can tailor a solution to meet your needs. For general pricing information visit

How Pricing Works

Teamgo is "plan based" software subscription service. We offer several plans to meet different workplace needs. Our "Complete" plan is very popular and gives organisations the option to scale with peace of mind you will get an Enterprise level service for compliance needs.

  • Essential includes many general core features needed for appropriate visitor management at the workplace and otherwise.

  • Advance plan to enhance functionality of visitor management compliance and integration options.

  • Complete to add further advanced functions and support options for your critical operations of large organisations. It includes everything across all plans and additional support options.

  • All plans offer online email, business phone and live chat support.

Our Essential plan will meet most visitor management needs! You can also add modules and premium features to your Essential plan if you do not need or require the full suite of features on the Advance plan package. This lets you build a custom plan.


When subscribing, your plan includes a single license to use the Teamgo service and is typically renewable each month or yearly (1-3 year options).

Most customers subscribe annually to benefit from annual discounts.

A subscription price is based on

  • Number of locations the service is used at

  • The plan you have chosen to subscribe to

  • Any additional requested options (customised subscription)


A location is defined by a physical address or "workplace", each location you use Teamgo at will increase the subscription fee in multiples.

  • A location is defined as a single location or workplace address

  • Large and distributed locations like a university campus that may have multiple addresses or buildings will be evaluated for qualification

  • Each location requires the purchase of a License.


A kiosk is a sign-in point your setup either with a physical iPad or a printed QR code. There is no additional cost for kiosks, they are unlimited on all subscriptions.


Anyone who uses your Teamgo system is a "user", both visitors and employees etc. You can create a physical user accounts, typically for employees so they can manage their digital profile and access advanced features. There is no additional cost for adding users, they are unlimited on all subscriptions.


A notification is a message sent by the Teamgo system. Typically this is a visitor arrival message, delivery message, emergency message etc. Email and app notifications are included at no additional cost, they are unlimited on all subscriptions.

SMS notifications sent to user mobiles will require a subscription to our Premium plan or for an additional cost can be included in a Standard plan. However they are most cost effective when subscribing to the Premium plan as you will also have access to other useful features.


Teamgo offers discounts and incentives for customers who qualify. This is typically based on scale and volume of locations or some premium features.

  • 20% discount when paying annually

  • 10% discount when you are a not for profit or education customer

  • Additional discounts for volume licenses

Education Customer Pricing

For registered education institutions such as schools, universities and colleges we offer a 10% discount on annual subscriptions.

Non Profit Customer Pricing

If you are a registered charity or other organisation that is not for profit, Teamgo offers 10% discount on annual subscriptions.


If you are an Australian customer we can supply hardware from our Online Store. If you are outside of Australia we cannot supply hardware items. However our shop link is still a useful guide for deciding what hardware items you should use.

Payments Options

Customers can pay by card for monthly and annual payments. Bank payment is also available to customers on annual plans. We can offer pricing in your local currencies of AUD, USD, CAD, GBP, NZD, EUR.

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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