Note: While your network may allow Teamgo functions, it could be blocking or restricting the 3rd party services we rely on to deliver the visitor management solution. You may need to open ports or white list some domains/services from these 3rd parties.

Teamgo generally works well without the needs to request or make any modifications to your office network (WIFI, Mail, Firewall, VPN connections etc).

However in some circumstances you may need to make some adjustments to your workplace's network settings.

  • Email notifications not arriving or delayed

  • Push to kiosk does not work

  • Printer and iPad have trouble connecting by WIFI

  • Teamgo website/app is slow and unresponsive

Ensure these domains are whitelisted.

  • *

  • *

PubNub (push service)

Sendgrid (email delivery)

  • No changes required

Twillio (carrier services for SMS)

  • No changes required

Brother Printers, various models (Printer use with Teamgo and standalone)

For further support and assistance with your local networks settings please discuss with your IT or network administrator. Teamgo can provide limited guidance just contact us at [email protected]

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