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Learn how to add new locations to your Teamgo account

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As your organisation grows you can add more locations to your same Teamgo account. Each location will require the purchase of a license.

  • What is location?

  • What is a Kiosk?

  • How can I add a new location?

What is a location?

A location is typically a workplace address. So for each workplace you wish to use Teamgo you will require a license to set it up.

A workplace is able to setup an unlimited amount of sign-in points for your iPad Kiosks and QR code kiosks.

What is a Kiosk?

A Kiosk is a sign-in point that uses either an iPad device or a QR code print out, you can setup unlimited kiosks at each workplace location.

How to add a new location?

  1. Login to your web dashboard

  2. Click on Workspace

  3. Click on Add Location button

If you have licenses available you simply need to complete the New Location form to setup your new location. If you do not have licenses available you may be required to complete a location license purchase. This will be billed to your card on file or invoiced depending on your account payment type.

Complete the new Location Form and click the ADD NOW button. Your new location will be available right away under the Workplace tab.

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