Pre-print Visitor Badges

Learn how to print Visitor Badges prior to their arrival

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You might want to pre-print your visitor's Badge to speed up their sign in process on arrival. Once you pre-register your visitors with Teamgo you can also pre-print their Visitor Badge.  

Ensure you have connected a badge printer to one of your iPad Kiosks.

Pre-Print Visitor Badges

  1. Login to your web dashboard

  2. Ensure you have had your visitors pre-registered so they are showing as Expected Visitors in your visitors list.

  3. Click Visitors

  4. Ensure in the visitor filters you have enabled to show Pre-Registered

Once you have identified the visitors:

  1. Select the user options box

  2. Click the Print Badge button OR

  3. Click the drop down Print Badge option and select the printer to print to

Badges will print to a connected iPad Kiosk printer.

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