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Example action for connecting to the Teamgo API

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The Teamgo API is available to our Premium and Enterprise customers. Contact us today to enquire how it can help you better manage your Teamgo user accounts and other advanced functions.

  1. Login to your Teamgo Account

  2. Click on Workspace

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Click on Integrations

  5. Click the API Keys Tab

Your Teamgo API endpoint and API Key will look similar to this:

Limited API access is currently available. Please contact us if you have specific API request.

Managing Hosts

Hosts upload accept the same file structure as the Import Hosts Hosts are uniquely identified by their email address.

To delete host prepend the Name column with a dash (-)

Supported CSV Fields

Example Data

Required Headers

Name,Mobile,Email,Kiosks,User Groups,Image,Job Title 

Add / Update User

Delete User

cURL Example

For assistance with the Teamgo API please contact our support team by email at [email protected] so we can help.

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