Technical summary: if you need to reconnect your WIFI label printer, make sure you do this from the Teamgo app only.


Apple iPad devices will require you to allow discovery of the printer on the network, either WIFI or Bluetooth. When the prompt appears, you will need to allow the device to discover connected devices like the printer. Accept this to Allow Always and you can proceed with the connection process outlined below.

Fixing a disconnected WIFI printer (Brother QL-800 and QL-700 WIFI series)

There may be a few reasons your printer stops working including an actual hardware fault. While this is rare, the more common reasons are listed below.

  • You have a new iPad you need to setup

  • You have a new printer you need to connect

  • You have disabled WIFI on your iPad

  • You deleted and re-installed the Teamgo app

  • You use incorrect labels, only use DK-11202

  • You removed the badge print function from the kiosk sign in flow

The Brother series of supported label printers offer various connection options. While Bluetooth is the most popular, many customers still use the WIFI method.

Note: your label printer does not directly connect to the iPad, you need to connect it to the same local WIFI network the iPad is connected to.

If your printer stops working or looses connection you need to reconnect the printer to your iPad.

  1. Connect your printer to the WIFI network

  2. Reconnect your printer using the Teamgo app (settings)

  3. Use the reachability test, print test to test connectivity

  4. Ensure you use label cartridges DK-11202 only

  5. Run a test sign in as a visitor

Please view the guides on how to connect your WIFI printer to the Teamgo app so you can print visitor and staff badges.

For further assistance contact the support team at [email protected]

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