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Teamgo iPad kiosk has stopped responding
Teamgo iPad kiosk has stopped responding

Has your Teamgo iPad app stopped working?

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If your iPad kiosk has stopped responding you may experience

  • Will not progress to next step

  • Animated working icon keeps spinning

  • Error message on screen (system message)

  • Application randomly quits

While we do our best to ensure the application performs well there may at times be a bug or other issues related to the system causing the problem. Get in touch with our support team right away for an update at [email protected]

Self diagnosis & options

  • Check to ensure the iPad is connected to WIFI or your carrier and internet access is available.

  • Check the Teamgo app has permission to use Location Services (set this to Always/When using App).

  • Restart the app

  • Delete and reinstall the app

Teamgo is designed to work in "offline" mode if the internet disconnects. This will allow the kiosk app to perform basic functions and then sync with the web dashboard when connectivity is restored.

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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