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Can I have more than one Administrator?
Can I have more than one Administrator?

Teamgo is a robust, permission based cloud software system with the option to create user roles and group rules.

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When you sign up for a Teamgo account, typically for a first evaluation you may use a person email or work email address. For evaluation this is fine but you may want to consider updating this when you activate and go live.

  • Account Admin
    Your main admin account should be an administrative, monitored email address that is not assigned to an individual. Example use "[email protected]" or "[email protected]". This needs to be an active and monitored account, its easy to provide access to others or transfer ownership of the system

  • User Admin
    You can add yourself and other users to Teamgo and assign them Admin rights, making available all or some of the system features. This will let you give others access to manage the system and settings based on the role and options you choose.

  • Users / Groups / Permissions
    You can create user groups with permissions for different tasks, some of the more common ones would be Admins, Reception, Security and so on with varying levels of access.

Why do we have multiple administrators?

To make it easier to manage the system across large or distributed organisations.

Billing Information

Only the super admin has access to billing information. Ensure you have access to this account to update payment and billing details.

Billing Contact

Only the Account Admin can manage the billing contact. This is done in the Admin settings of the web dashboard under the Billing tab.

Can I have an administrator for each Location?

Yes, this is how the system is intended to work. Each location has an administrator who can admin the users and kiosks and run reports.

What about Location Admins?

As above, these may also be "compliance officers" or other system level roles. Generally in the Teamgo dashboard you will see fields where you can assign users certain roles, just make sure you have setup the permissions correctly.

Groups, Teams, Permissions

To manage your system permissions just manage your groups under the settings tab and ensure you assign the right group to new users.

To add new users and assign permissions please see the setup guides provided.

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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