Custom visitor badges

Custom branded, full colour visitor labels

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Teamgo provides a feature in the web dashboard for all plans that lets you design the layout and content of what gets printed on your visitor badges.

  • Persons name

  • Photo

  • Visitor type

  • QR code

  • Sign in time

  • Host(s) name

  • Additional text

  • Portrait or Landscape layout

For Visitors

Visitor badges are printed via the supported Brother label printers and are "Direct Thermal" which means they print in black and white or "greyscale".

For Employees

You can also print employee ID badges with Teamgo. These can be printed to the same badge printer used for visitors OR to any network connected printer via your web browser. This means you can use full colour paper or card printers that your local system supports.

Our custom badge designer tool lets you manage the design and layouts of both your Visitor badges and Employee ID badges.

For any assistance with your badge printing layout and design options please contact our [email protected] for assistance.

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