Teamgo Web Dashboard Updates

Updates, fixes and additions to the Teamgo web dashboard software

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Released 16-01-2024

  • Brand new dashboard design and layout

  • Mobile device enhancements (for smaller screen use)

  • Complete update of all features and modules

  • More powerful and robust analytics and reporting

  • New user management features

  • Faster, responsive and more secure than ever

  • Continued security enhancements

  • New features for messaging and emergency communication

  • Full release of additional integration options

  • Update to supplier and contractor modules released in Beta version

  • New API functions and improvements

Released 18-05-2023

  • New contactless/QR code sign-in page layout

  • Added support for checkout module for contactless QR sign in

  • Checkout module has ability to show all users sign-in using the same QR code, or only visitors who uses sign-in on their BYO device

  • Added support for multiple workflows in contactless

  • Added support for multi-lingual workflow in contactless

  • Added hint text form fields in kiosk designer

  • Added paragraph field type in kiosk designer

Released 08-02-2023

  • Update to phone number format

  • Updated with new fonts for use with sign in point kiosk designer

  • Migrated API to

  • Set mandatory address requirement for location settings

Released 19-11-2021

  • Added Vaccination module

  • Added compliance screen to kiosk settings

  • Added ManageEvacuation role to Group settings

  • Added ability to custom display column in Evacuation

  • Added ability to filter by Group in Evacuation

Released 12-10-2021

  • Added ability send / don't send email during pre-registration

  • Sort kiosk by alphabetical order

  • Add Visitor Board module for TV/Monitor browsers

  • Add thermometer module for preparation of Bluetooth Thermometer

Released 22-09-2021

  • Fixed real time update to Manage Visitor when visitor signs-out

  • Hide buttons/icons when user does not have permission to access a page or features

  • Fixed new line for document submission

Released 10-08-2021

  • Added support for multi-factor authentication for user login

  • Fixed document request and upload

Released 28-04-2021

  • Add support for sending notifications to host when internal users/employee check-in. To enable this feature, go to Settings -> Notifications -> Send arrival notification to selected hosts when internal users sign-in

Released 30-03-2021

  • Improvement to appointment booking interface

  • My Schedule is now Meetings

  • Event Types is now Booking Types

  • Move bookable_period to start_time and end_time

  • Add support for viewing expired booking types

  • Booking that are expired won't be shown in the end user booking pages

Released 25-03-2021

  • Add Victoria Visitation API support - This one api is for both VMC and Teamgo, using shared key (retired pending further notice).

  • --- Managing the web hook is done from Admin -> Toolbox -> Webhook

  • Fix Report search issue

  • Fix Courier/Delivery report screen

  • Add support for "Overstay alert" feature. This can be enabled in Product and customer subscription

  • -- Send alert to host when visitor is still checked-in after the hour. Open and close is done from location Settings.

Released 16-02-2021

Contactless check-in update

  • Add support for remembering visitors (full name, first name, last name, email, mobile, company)

  • Remember return visitor for one year, reset at each checkin

  • Remember check-in for 24 hours.

  • Change yes/no from list to radio

  • Fix onboard statuses and other small changes for Reseller dashboard

  • Add support for help_url in reseller to display help link in customer dashboard.

  • Update report overview page to support view onsite by hour.

Released 27-01-2021

  1. Add support Reseller Pass app and web dashboard, changes includes change to push notifications adding support for reseller pubnub sub/pub ID.

  2. Rewrite of Location/Kiosk screen using ReactJS

  3. Minor fixes for reseller portal (already hot fix on live)

  4. Add support to API for contactless check-in by scanning QR code using Pass app

Released 14-01-2021

  • Update Contactless Checkin
    - Allow to hide main screen
    - Allow to hide sign-out button
    - Send default notification to dafault contact

  • Update Report
    - Allow filter by Host

  • Update Export
    - Update export checkin data

  • Update GDPR
    - Add tab covid-safe

  • Update clone kiosk
    - Send notification to owner after copied all hosts

Released 29-10-2020

  1. User management

    • Set document requirement on a per user basis

    • Add ability to not send document request when document requirement is set

    • Add support for changing document status

  • Add Working With Children check on the user profile - checks are done at each check-in as well as manual check on the dashboard

  • Working With Children check configurable from Kiosk editor. In the Form screen, use WWC Identifier field to capture the User ID. It validate based on the kiosk's Location. So kiosk location Address must be valid.

2. Reports

  • When a sign-in process stops either by access denied or user is blocked, any data entered is captured

  • Add show sign-in denied/blocked to reports

  • Add Group/Role in CSV export and nightly report

3. Locations and Check-in

  • Split Automatic Sign-out time for Visitors and Staff.

  • Add support for host notifications to contactless check-in

Released 29-07-2020

  • Customizable language text (small amount of words are supported, alpha version)

  • Restrict dashboard access to location assets based on settings in Location tab in their profile

  • Guardian/Children assignment (Education module need to be enabled)

  • Option to notify guardians on check-in/out

  • Add support for SMSCentral gateway. A customer can have an account or use partner/reseller default. If no SMSCentral gateway, fall back to Twillio

  • Support for Twillio subaccount creation and usage under Teamgo main account

  • Add support for national mobile phone number, so customer can enter eg: 0431 123 123 or full number such as +61431 123 123

  • Fix supplier creation and invitation email

  • Fix supplier accept invitation page

  • Add support for sending login/activation to suppliers

  • Add support for reseller and Teamgo create own template from Admin dashboard

  • Update to badge design and improve UI

    - Add support for Sign-in Type in badge print out

    - Badge extra texts now support custom fields ##Custom field Name##

  • Add support for LinkSafe Integration

  • Add compliance check to internal users check-in by validation whether documents are sufficiently provided

  • Add support for sending QR code to multiple recipients

  • Fix PDF generation on server

  • Allow reseller to add custom CSS to customer dashboard

Released 25-06-2020

  • Add support for camera screen to contactless checkin

  • Add support for select host to contactless checkin

Released 09-06-2020

Major update for Calendar Module

  • Add new Calendars tab, this feature merges the Asset and Room booking into one module

  • Users with Manage OR View Assets and Rooms can see this module

  • Add standard form fields including files, photos, etc

  • Induction documents are pulled from General Visitor type in Pre-registration settings

  • Add Details textarea box that displays on the event details page. HTML supported

  • Support for two categories, Room and General. The only distinction is the icon.

  • Add ability to check-in immediately or later from a Pre-registration screen

  • Remove location restriction for pre-registration screen

  • Add send QR code to team members

Released 01-06-2020

  • Add custom messages to when inviting Team members

  • Add New Visitor button in Visitors list page

  • Add "Send email to visitors to fill in the pre-registration form before issuing QR code." to New Visitor Preregistration

  • In pre-registration settings, Visitor Type is reworked to include request for documentation as well as each visitor type has separte form fields and others

  • Add company/department name to Users profile

  • Add QR Code screen to check-in

  • Add new Employee module, this is need to be enabled and group permission need to be enabled for Team to be able to checkin remotely

Released 24-04-2020

  • Update Terminal designer (Add same screen in one Sign-in Type flow)

  • Allow remove system field in Form screen

  • Show documents in (Dashboard, Report, Check-In history, Daily report)

  • Delete checkin assets from GDRP

Released 30-08-2020

  • Add supported for visitor language and visitor type

  • When a New visitor is added, they all automatically recieve an email of the pre-registration

  • The email template is customizable in Settings -> Pre-registration

If customer want to get visitors to fill in more details before they arrive, they can configure it in

  • Settings -> Pre-registration -> Collect additional information tab

  • Then in Notification tab, in the Invite email template, add SIGN-IN NOW data into their email template.

Pre-register by email calendar invitation

Team Members can invite visitors from within their Calendar (only tested on Apple Mail and Gmail) but it should work with all.

To invite from calendar, simple add [email protected] as one of the attendees

General Changes

  • When customer changes location, it now save for next time they login

  • Improved language settings screen UI

  • Improved email delivery by attempting to send email out first, if fails then it go to the queue and try again

Released 30-04-2019

  • Changes to website per Marketing suggestions

  • Fix expired renewal

Released 10-04-2019

  • Scan to sign-in now shows visitor photo from the user profile in the checkin records

  • Change team member filter select - made it green

  • Hide username in team member profile edit

  • Add Enable/Remove FaceID if facial recognition enabled

  • Removed facial recognition enrolment when click Save

  • Add a few more intercom parameters including Total Locations, Total Kiosks and Total Users (edited)

Released 11-02-2019


  • Add ability to generate quote

  • Add Intercom to Terminal Designer theme

  • Add Teamgo-Lite theme

  • If one customer only have one terminal, it go straight to main terminal page

  • Flexi location header if no address is available for Location

  • Add location now required an address (edited)

Released 06-11-2018

  • Style changes

  • Team details style change

  • Mobile responsive

  • Fix business user (account owner) reset of Admin role.

  • Fix contact data miss match:

  • How contact works: We pull distinct data from checkin table where company_id is that company and is not a team member. All other data will be reference with user_id

Released 01-11-2018

  • Import user from dashboard

  • Import user from API

    The changes are as follows:

  • Add column uuid for user, this is unique value and use to update user’s info (in case email change)

  • Export two more column Status, Id (uuid). the value of status should be: Active, Inactive, Deleted. If the customer want to temporary block sign in, and want to reactive again.

    - Allow change email address when importing
    - In team members page, the customer can filter by status: Active, Inactive
    - Send an email to admin when import success
    - Revert edit team member page same as create page


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