Multi-factor authentication, when enabled in your Teamgo account, requires all your users to use a Time-Base One Time Password (TOTP) application such as

When the user attempts to login they will be required to enter a code from one of the Authentication apps listed above.

If the user is not able to access a code they can request one to be sent to the email address in their account.

How to enable Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

To enable Multi Factor Authentication on your account go to:

  1. Click on Workplace

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Click on Data & Privacy

  4. Click on MFA

  5. Click Enable

After clicking on Enable, will be prompted to setup MFA for your account login.

Note: Once Enable is click, MFA will enable to all your users.

Once enabled, next time your users login to Teamgo dashboard, it will prompt the user to set MFA for their own account.

How to reconfigure MFA for a user account

User can configure or reconfigure their MFA by:

  • Click on Profile Icon > My Account

  • Click on MFA

  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete setup

For further assistance with this feature please contact [email protected] with your enquiry.

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