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Microsoft Azure (AD) Active Directory
Microsoft Azure (AD) Active Directory

Connect your Azure Directory to Teamgo for user management

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Note this is an Enterprise feature and requires enablement before use. Please contact your account manager or support to enquire further.

This guide will take you through the steps needed to perform in both Teamgo and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to configure automatic user provisioning.

When configured, provisions and de-provisions of users and groups to Teamgo using the Azure AD Provisioning service.

  • Create users in Teamgo

  • Remove users in Teamgo when they do not require access anymore

  • Keep user attributes synchronized between Azure AD and Teamgo

  • Single sign-on to Teamgo (recommended)

Please visit the Microsoft Tutorials for a step by step guide on connecting your Azure account with the Teamgo visitor management system.

Tutorial: Configure Teamgo for automatic user provisioning

Assigning User Groups

To ensure users are added to the correct User Group you need to use the Azure "Department" name. Use this option to assign roles in Teamgo.

For additional help and support for this Enterprise feature please contact our support team [email protected].

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