Notification Settings

Setup how your notifications work for your Teamgo account and users

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Notifications are messages the Teamgo system can send depending on various actions taken by visitors, employees, users, administrators and so on. These may likely include Email and SMS messages.

  • General Notification settings

  • Email Reports

  • Logs

Depending on your plan type and what features are available, your notifications settings may be basic or more advanced. Check your plan and ensure you have the right options available for your needs.

Notification Settings Options

  1. Click on Workspace

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Click on Notifications

General settings - will give you the options to decide what types of messages should be sent, how they should be sent and when they should be sent.

Email Reports - will let you send daily to monthly reports of all your visitor records to nominated email address (either users or external emails)

Logs - includes a record of all messages sent out of Teamgo. This is useful for troubleshooting if messages arrive with success or if they are sent/not sent.

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