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Display visitors on-site on a second screen and monitor easily who has arrived and at the workplace
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This is a Premium module available on Premium Plans only. If you wish to access this feature on other plans contact our support team.

Teamgo can display people who have arrived on site on a second screen using a private web link and one time code.

  • Display on any internet connected screen

  • Perfect for computer monitors or large format screens

  • Works well for security staff and office managers

  • No need to login to the dashboard to see arrivals and on-site

  • Looks great in workplaces and public spaces

This feature has many unique and creative ways your can use the function. All you need is a screen that has internet connectivity and a web browser to show the visitor board.

Every time a visitor sign's in they will be displayed as on-site, when they sign-out they will be removed from the visitor board.

Enable Visitor Board

  1. Login to your web dashboard

  2. Click on Visitors

  3. Select the location you wish to view the visitor board

  4. Click on Visitor Board option

  5. Choose what sign-in data you want to show on the screen

  6. Choose how often you wish the visitors to transition

You will be provided with a Web Link to enter into your devices web browser. To access this link, enter the code given.

A new code can be generated each time you wish to access the link. The Visitor Board screen will update automatically every time a person is signed in.

For ore information and help with the Visitor Board feature please get in touch with our Teamgo support staff and we would be happy to help. [email protected]

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